Cheshire Tree Surgeons

Homebuyers Tree Reports

Buying a property is stressful enough without the mortgage insurers turning around just before exchange with the request that you get a tree report to assess the risk that those trees present to the property.

We know that's the last straw, so we try to take over and give you what you need, a fast turnaround and a report that addresses the issues that you and your mortgage company need in the least time possible.

We usually turn these around in 2 working days and supply by email or fax. Add to this that our prices are very competitive and you will see why we are the first choice for absolutely loads of estate agents.

These reports deal primarily with structural and health and safety issues but we try to give other insights where necessary to make the report more valuable and applicable to you as well as your mortgage insurers.

Think about it this way. Buying a house is a huge investment and the trees could blight that house and your ability to sell it if it were subsequently to cause structural damage by a variety of possible means. So buying a house without a tree report would be like buying a fantastically expensive car without a current MOT.

The report format we used is established as the market leading method of assessing and addressing trees next to houses. It's worth remembering that if we identify a problem, we can also give you a price for undertaking the solution as well and as you might expect, to a very high standard of work.