Cheshire Tree Surgeons


"'During the time that I had required the services of an arborist,I had found David Lloyd Jones,(of Tree Advice),prompt advice,expertise,and intuition an invaluable source of information.You are a true gentleman,and a consummate professional,and I only wish others would learn from your example.I cannot credit,or recommend your services highly enough,or praise the time that you had so generously spent on sharing your insightful knowledge with me,and although my problem has not yet been resolved,your input will at some point come to fruition-thank you so much."

Mr Patel, Leicestershire

"I have no hesitation in saying how grateful and impressed I was that you would give so freely of your knowledge in discussing my problem - indeed, to identify whether or not I had a problem. Others would see it as a revenue opportunity, but you were willing to spend a fair amount of time explaining what you perceived the issues to be. As I said at the time, I need to hasten slowly with this. There are several factors involved, but when and if I get to a stage where we do decide to go ahead I will certainly come back to you for specific advice."

Many thanks again, Alan Wood