Cheshire Tree Surgeons

Tree Preservation Orders.

Tree Preservation Orders or Representations To Your Local Town Planners.

Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas can be a source of significant frustration to a homeowner and sometimes you need somebody to help you by talking to a local authority on your behalf.

Discussions over TPO trees, Conservation Area designations and the like can become heated and entrenched. That serves nobody. So to avoid any such misunderstandings we can represent anybody in dialogue with their local authority, having first assessed the suitability of the tree for a TPO to see if it's protection is actually justified.

We find that a factual approach is best and if we can engage the tree or planning officer in a creative long sighted way, everybody usually gets what is best for the tree, the tree owner and the neighbourhood. It's just a matter of designing a treescape for the next 50 years so that treecover is designed so that trees are preserved in the historical perspective.